Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long do your t shirts glow for?

A. The silk screened, glowing prints on our custom clothing glow for the life of the garment. They are printed using state of the art glow in the dark ink and our quality is top of the line. The duration for which they glow in the dark is determined by how much light they have absorbed. All types of light charge the ink. Some colors glow better than others, our Glowing Off White and Glowing Neon colors have the strongest glowing abilities. All of our glow in the dark colors glow in the dark very well and the darker the environment or room is the brighter they glow.

Q. What happens after washing the shirt, will it still glow?

A. Yes! The washer does not affect the shirts ability to glow. The plastisol ink will glow in the dark ink for the life of the garment and will never stop working. We use the highest quality glowing inks available and have our own custom ink system which allows for higher quality control than our competition. There is no special wash instructions however it is commonly believed with all types of printed clothing that if you turn the clothing inside out it help maximize the life of the imprint and the imprint is more protected in the wash.

Q. Do they need special light to be activated?

A. No, no special light is needed. The shirts absorb all types of light (natural sunlight, indoor light, black light) and then glow in the dark. Shinning a flashlight or bright light directly on the design rapidly charges the ink!

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. Your order will be mailed out via UPS ground within 8-14 business days depending on how busy we are and how many order we have received that particular week. The size of the order also effects the time it takes to produce the shirts. You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking information once your item has shipped. We will ask you your deadline when placing the order and we guarantee they will arrive on time.

Q. What colors do you recommend, which ones work best?

A. Glowing Off White has the greatest glowing abilities. All our Glowing Neon colors listed on our site glow exceptionally well also. Our best selling colors are Glowing Off White, Glowing Neon Lime, Glowing Neon Blue, Glowing Neon Yellow, Glowing Neon Orange, and Glowing Bright White.

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